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The following courses are currently offered by Accelerate:

Management Courses

General Courses (for all staff)


Unleash the leader within

Attend this one-day course and develop skills in motivating, inspiring and challenging your staff to achieve great heights.  The course explores the traits which make a successful leader, and gives practical tools in leading teams.  For more information....

Brochure:  Brochure - leadership.pdf

Course Outline: Outline - Unleash the leader within.pdf

The champion of change

This one-day course will provide managers and supervisors with the knowledge and skills to effectively implement change in their workplace.  The course will provide you with the essential principles of change management and is ideal for those wishing to be leaders in change management.  For more information....

Brochure:  Brochure - the champion of change.pdf

Course Outline: Outline - champion of change.pdf

Getting on with your REAL job

A great one-day course for the manager/supervisor frustrated by day to day operations and wanting to get on with the bigger picture. For more information....

Brochure:  Brochure - Getting on with your REAL Job.pdf

Course Outline:  Outline - Getting on with your REAL Job.pdf

Managing across the generations

Are you feeling confused by the differing workplace needs of Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y?  This one-day course will help you understand the characterisitcs of the generations, and communication and management strategies to help them be as effective as possible in the workplace.  For more information....

Brochure:  Brochure -Managing across the generations.pdf

Course Outline: 

Effective people management

This one-day course is for the manager/supervisor wanting to develop people management skills and develop avibrant and motivated team.  The course will take participants through all aspects of people management from understanding individual differences, to developing exceptional teams.  For more information....

Brochure:  Brochure - people management.pdf

Course Outline: 

Financial management

An excellent one-day course specifically targeted at managers in the public sector with budget responsibilities.  The course provides a great overview of financial management in government and how managers can achieve more with their limited resources.  For more information....

Brochure:  Brochure - financial management.pdf

Course Outline: 

Make organisational plans a reality

This one-day course helps managers overcome the problem of seeing strategic and operational plans developed, only to 'sit on the shelf'.  The course provides excellent tools for ensuring plans are implemented with the full ownership of your team.  For more information....

Brochure:  Brochure - make plans a

Course Outline: 

Take charge of change

An ideal course for any staff member having difficulty coming to terms with the incredible amount of change in the workforce.  Provides excellent resources for helping staff embrace and use change to their advantage.  For more information....

Brochure:  Brochure - take charge of change.pdf

Course Outline:  Outline - Take charge of change.pdf

Workplace Communication

Excellent communication is vital to any workplace.  This course offers communication and conflict resolution skills which can be applied by staff at any level.  For more information...

Brochure:  Brochure - Communication & conflict resolution.pdf

Course Outline: 

Business Activity Analysis

Attend this one day course and discover how you can achieve enormous efficiencies in your workplace through effective workplace reviews and business activity analysis.  The course will give participants tools for undertaking workplace reviews with the ownership of your staff and implementing these to achieve organisational improvements.  For more information....

Brochure:  Brochure - business activity analysis.pdf

Course Outline: 

Tender writing: business gain without the pain

A great opportunity for those engaged in preparing tender responses.  Take this course and overcome the frustrations associated with writing responses to tenders.  For more information....

Brochure:  Brochure - Tender Writing.pdf

Course Outline: Outline - Tender Writing.pdf

Interview Skills

An ideal course for staff regularly required to interview clients or staff.  An opportunity to improve technique and confidence in interviewing.  For more information....

Brochure:  Brochure - Interview Skills.pdf

Course Outline: 

Softening the Hard Sell

If you are involved in marketing your services or products, this course is for you.  A short, sharp course which will provide participants with knowledge of selling techniques for a range of situations.  For more information....

Brochure:  Brochure - Effective Marketing.pdf

Course Outline: